Kailua Animal Clinic offers advanced laboratory testing from routine blood chemistry profiles and culture and antimicrobial sensitivity testing to fine needle aspirates and histopathological analysis of biopsy samples.

Laboratory Testing

Radiology (x-ray) is available to help visualize both bone and soft tissue internal processes such as asthma, heart disease, foreign bodies, bladder stones, tumors, organ enlargement, and fractures.

Ultrasound uses sound waves to assess internal structures non-invasively. Abdominal and thoracic scans help us diagnose disease processes, identify structurally abnormal organs, evaluate heart function, and assess pregnancy.

Endoscopy is a way of looking inside the body with a small camera to search for the cause of clinical disease without invasive surgery. This procedure also allows biopsies of lesions to be taken and submitted for histopathology. A few common uses of endoscopy include exploration of regions of the gastrointestinal tract, the airways, and the nasal cavity.

Testing Samples

Blood and urine samples can be analyzed for key enzymes, hormones, or degradation products to diagnose diseases such as diabetes, thyroid disorders, and liver and kidney failure.

Samples of infected material such as from ears or urine may be submitted to determine the type of bacteria present and the appropriate antibiotic therapy.

Fine needle aspirates and biopsy samples are analyzed for changes at the cellular level and signs of neoplasia (cancer). While some sample analysis may be done in-house, Kailua Animal Clinic partners with an animal reference laboratory to process most samples.