With New Year’s Eve approaching, the fireworks are ramping up. Many pets are experiencing an increased amount of stress related to noise phobias.

There are a few things that we can do to reduce their stress.

Secure Yard or Outdoor Enclosures

First, ensure the yard or outdoor enclosures are secured. Just in case, also make sure your pet’s microchip information is current and registered with the Hawaiian Humane Society, one of the national databases, and your veterinarian. Collar identification tags with contact information can also be really helpful if your pet gets lost.

Provide a Safe Place to Hide

Keeping your pets indoor and providing a safe place to hide can help to reduce fear. A closed room with loud music or tv can make the noise less noticeable. Staying home with your pet can be helpful, as well as keeping them busy with a toy or chew.

Behavior modification is a great idea, but does take time and patience. We recommend reviewing this thorough explanation of noise phobias and behavior treatment strategies.

Natural Alternatives & Medication

With more severe noise phobias there are some natural alternatives such as pheromone sprays or collars and thunder shirts. In extreme circumstances we recommend medication for anxiety or sedation. There are several choices and not all work for every pet, so we often recommend a trial before the event.

If you find a lost pet you can take them to a veterinary hospital or the humane society to scan their microchip and help reunite them with their owners. Social media is also a helpful resource for reuniting pets.

Enjoy your holidays, and help your pet enjoy them too!

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