A Message from the Vet - October 2015
Benefits of Hospital Care

Kailua Animal Clinic is a full-service animal hospital which provides superior veterinary care during your pet's spay or neuter. While there are several low cost spay/neuter program options that help to control pet and stray overpopulation, consider for a moment the advantages of spaying or neutering your pet at a full-service veterinary clinic.

First, when you schedule an appointment for a physical exam prior to surgery, we will offer pre-op blood screenings, vaccinations, and other laboratory tests. These tests help to evaluate the liver and kidney function as well as check the blood count for anemia (low red blood cells) or infection. Blood tests can help to make sure your pet is healthy enough to undergo an anesthetic procedure.

Secondly, patient monitoring is critical during anesthesia. When your pet is seen at a veterinary hospital you can rest assured that there is state of the art monitoring equipment. Often this is the same equipment that would be used for human anesthesia, and measures heart rate, oxygen level, and carbon dioxide level (the gas we exhale). Many monitors also have the ability to measure the electrical activity of the heart.

With surgical procedures in the hospital, there is a trained technician specifically dedicated to monitoring your pet and each of these parameters during surgery. Veterinary hospitals also offer additional monitoring during the recovery period and a quiet confined area for your pet to recover post operatively. Many anesthetic complications, although rare, occur during recovery, so it is important to monitor the patient closely during this time.

Intravenous catheter placement and fluid administration are invaluable during surgical procedures. Having intravenous access ensured during any anesthetic complication is crucial in allowing immediate administration of appropriate drugs. Intravenous fluids will replace fluid lost during the procedure and help to maintain blood pressure during anesthesia. Intravenous medications also tend to be more quickly metabolized and allow for a smoother recovery after the surgery.

Post operative pain medications help to control pain and inflammation following surgery. Elizabethan collars (cones) help to prevent the patient from licking or chewing at the incision which could lead to infection or the incision opening up.

When you choose a low cost spay/neuter program it is important to be informed. Ask questions: Where will my pet recover? Will they be monitored during anesthesia? Will they be staying overnight? When considering what's right for you and your pet it's best to be informed and discuss all options with your regular veterinarian.

Kailua Animal Clinic does participate with Honolulu's spay and neuter program, providing these surgeries at reduced rates while maintaining the best standard of care during anesthesia and recovery. Find out more here, or call us at 263-8863 to learn more about program participation.

Candice Denham, DVM

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