A Message from the Vet - October 2010
Emergency or Not?

When you're worried about someone you love, almost any situation may seem like an emergency. When your family veterinary office is closed, emergency vet visits are often stressful. In some cases, an emergency vet visit may not be warranted, and you may end up spending money on emergency fees for a visit that could have waited until the next day.

Here are a few symptoms that are likely to constitute an EMERGENCY:

  • seizures
  • fainting (collapse)
  • listlessness
  • pale or blue gums
  • any difficulty breathing
  • allergic reactions (swelling face, hives)
  • any open wounds
  • suspected poisoning
  • persistent vomiting or diarrhea
  • inability to urinate

    If any of the above signs are seen, please take your pet to the nearest emergency clinic as soon as possible. If you are unsure what is happening with your pet, at least call an emergency clinic to speak with a medical professional about your pet's symptoms. This is not a complete list; if you are concerned at all about the health of your pet, he or she should be seen immediately. It is always better to be safe than sorry!

    Unlike with dogs and cats, most exotic pets hide their illness very well. By the time they look even a little sick, they are often gravely ill. Because of this, I strongly recommend bringing your exotic pet in to see us at Kailua Animal Clinic or to another exotics animal veterinarian as soon as possible if ANY sign of illness is seen. In addition to the above list, serious symptoms include loss of appetite, change in behavior, lack of normal defecation, and change in appearance.

    Here at Kailua Animal Clinic, we accept emergency appointments during our regular office hours. Please call ahead to ensure that we will be ready for your pet's arrival. If your emergency occurs after hours and you live on the Windward side of Oahu, we encourage you to call Feather & Fur Clinic (on-call doctor) at 254-1548. If you live closer to town, Animal Clinic Waipahu maintains a 24-hour staff doctor and can be reached at 671-1751.

    Jill Yoshicedo, DVM

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