A Message from the Vet - August 2009

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This month I want to remind all to have your pets microchipped! Our clinic is participating in a program sponsored by the Hawaiian Humane Society that allows us to place a microchip safely into your pet for a nominal fee of $5 during the month of August.

This is such a great program! The microchip is a small glass bead that has a unique readable number identifiable by a scanner waved over the pet. The bead is non-reactive as placed. Your pet gets a permanent identification and you get the security of knowing that if your pet is separated from you, it is the fastest and most efficient way to be reunited. All veterinarians on Oahu have a microchip reader, and all are happy to scan a lost animal that a good-hearted person brings to the hospital. From there, it is an easy step to call the Humane Society, ask for identification of the owner, and reconnect the owner with the pet. It happens almost daily at my clinic. The Humane Society generously keeps records of all microchip numbers, the pet's species, breed and gender, and the owner's phone number and address.

For this tracking program to be successful, you must register with the Humane Society and keep them updated on any changes of your phone number. This includes every pet brought to Hawaii through the Dept of Ag Quarantine Program: register those pets, the State will not do it for you.

Microchips are always available. I encourage pet owners to have the pet "chipped" at the time of spay or neuter, for safety, comfort and accuracy. And you might ask your veterinarian to check the location and readability of your pet's microchip at its regular health check-up, just to be sure it still works like it should.

J. Haddock, D.V.M.
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